is meditation a hobby?

Is Meditation a Hobby?

Yes, meditation can be considered a hobby. It is an activity that you do for enjoyment and relaxation.

However, there are some things to keep in mind if you treat meditation as a hobby.

First, don’t get too attached to the results. Don’t expect to see immediate changes in your life just because you start meditating.

Second, be patient. Meditation is not a quick fix; it takes time and practice to see results. (Especially if you are going to treat it as a hobby.)

Third, be consistent. Like any hobby, meditation requires regular practice to see benefits.

Yet, it must be noted that if you consider meditation a hobby, you must make sure that it does not become “work” for you. You should always try to ensure that you feel the inclination to do it, instead of dreading the whole activity.

If you keep these things in mind, meditation can be a great hobby that allows you to relax and de-stress.

What qualifies as a hobby?

Before we ponder more on this particular topic, let’s answer the above question.

There’s no one answer to this question – it depends on what you’re interested in and what you enjoy doing in your spare time. Some people like to collect things, others like to be active and outdoors, while others enjoy spending time indoors pursuing creative or intellectual pursuits. Whatever you enjoy doing in your free time can be considered a hobby.

Do you enjoy spending time outdoors? Maybe you like hiking, biking, or swimming. Or maybe you prefer indoor activities like reading, crafting, or playing video games. There are endless possibilities when it comes to hobbies, and needless to say, meditation can be one among them as well.

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Remember, hobbies are meant to be enjoyed alone or with others.

If you’re someone who enjoys socializing, there are plenty of hobbies that can be done with friends, like playing sports or going to concerts.

On the other hand, if you’re the type of person who enjoys spending time alone, you can find hobbies that can be done solo, like reading or gardening or…. meditation as well. And it is easy and hassle-free, too.

Simply close your eyes and focus on your breath. If you want something fancier, light a candle or an incense stick, or even get a subscription to Headspace or Calm.

When can meditation be considered a hobby?

It can be considered a hobby when it becomes a regular practice that brings you satisfaction and peace of mind. When there’s no set time frame for this, and you do it because you LOVE it! But you don’t turn it into an event or something that HAS to be done. You just do it when you feel like it because it feels good.

For some people, meditation may become their passion and they may want to explore it further by studying with a teacher or attending workshops. They buy books on the subject, get themselves zafus and benches, or even sophisticated meditation clothing.

For others, meditation might simply be a way to relax and de-stress after a long day. Either way, there’s no wrong way to do it as long as you’re enjoying it and finding peace in the practice.

Should you consider meditation as a hobby? Is it right or wrong?

There are no rights or wrongs when it comes to meditation—it really depends on what you are hoping to gain from meditation, what your personal goals are, and what works for you.

If you find that meditating helps you to relax and feel more at peace with yourself, then there is no reason not to consider it as a hobby.

Of course, some people may view meditation as more of a lifestyle choice than a hobby, but ultimately it is up to you how you want to integrate it into your life.

However, if you are seeking something more spiritual or meaningful in your life, then DO NOT consider meditation as a hobby, please. It takes years of dedication and hard work! That’s when you are trying to connect with your true Self, with the Brahman (God).


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