The Best Meditation Altar Tables Under $200

Whether you want to meditate or want a peaceful or sacred corner in your house, and you wish to buy altar tables, you have come to the right place. Today you will find some of the best altar tables that you can find in the market for just under $200.

The altar tables are perfect for you to create a separate space for all of your rituals. You can decorate it with many things like candles, flowers, and small statues to give it an aesthetic vibe in your house. So here are the types of altar tables you can buy for your house too.

1. Energy Mindfulness Altar Table

Energy Mindfulness is a bamboo-made altar table that comes rectangular. They are small, light and perfect sized for people who live in a small house or do not want their alter table to occupy too much of their space.


  • Comes with a fold-out table
  • Comes with the altar started kit with bag, spray, candles etc
  • Has a lot of storage in the form of drawers and shelves
  • Has a great finish and carved-out details and comes with crystal knobs
  • Lightweight
  • Convenient for taking out during travels and saves a lot of space


  • Comes with a whole bundle; you cannot purchase only the altar table
  • The starter kit is a bit expensive

2. Dharma Objects Altar Table

Dharma Objects sells rosewood end table designed altar table with a foldable feature. The foldable table helps you to save space. The details of this altar table are amazing as it is handcrafted, and you can see the bird and other Tibetan designs carved beautifully on this table. Ready to use an altar table? You can easily set this up for your sacred place to help you remain calm and stress-free.


  • It is a multipurpose table, and you can use it for the shrine and other purposes.
  • Small and lightweight
  • Handmade wooden table
  • Beautiful designs that make it look nice sitting in the corner of your room
  • Foldable and easy to carry


  • The table size is really small, giving little space to put your statue, incense sticks or other things.

3. Enso Sensory Altar Table

Enso Sensory altar table is made with Paulownia wood and is available in dark walnut colour. It is a Japanese-style altar table that is good for all purposes like meditation, d├ęcor, keeping your Buddhist statue or having tea. The size and length of this table make it great for multipurpose use. Paulownia is an eco-conscious wood; thus, with this table, you are doing a bit in the world of sustainability. It is perfect for creating a zen vibe in your house, as you can decorate it with many flowers.


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  • Minimalist designs that come with a sleek finish
  • Small and floor-length table
  • Made from eco-friendly material
  • Multipurpose use table
  • Foldable


  • No major cons apart if you are looking for a bigger sized table

4. Songmics Multipurpose Table

If you are looking for a multipurpose and simple altar table, check out the table from songmics. It is made of bamboo, which makes it eco-friendly and durable to use as well. The table size is perfect for all sorts of work, tea, or decorating with your stature. It has little hidden storage, which you can access by lifting the top of the table. The table’s design is sleek, and you can easily move them around from one place to another.


  • The drawer design is nice
  • Made with 100% pure bamboo
  • Eco friendly
  • A multipurpose table that you can convert into a lap desk
  • No hassle in assembling


  • The legs can be wobbly

5. New Age Round Altar Table

If you are looking for something unique, you can buy this new age imports round altar table. This portable rustic wooden round table is perfect for daily meditation and shrine work. It comes in an emerald colour which makes it a total stand-out.

Moreover, it is a handmaid table carved out of 100% wood, giving it a rustic look. It is good in terms of sturdiness, designs, and art. This altar table is six inches in diameter, which is suitable for keeping any statues or decorative things according to your wish.


  • Hand-made and hand-painted product
  • The new and unique colour combination
  • Portable table


  • It is smaller than it looks


These are all the altar tables that are currently popular in the market. You can find a variety of altar tables according to your wish and design. You can also look for the tables if you want to store or keep things in them.


  • Are altar tables durable?

It depends upon the material but usually, they are made with wood and so they can be pretty durable.

  • Can you use the altar table for decorations?

The altar table is smaller in size and therefore they are of multipurpose use.

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